Looking Ahead2017 – 2018 Season

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Adults $12
Seniors $10
Youth (17-) Free

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Purchase tickets in groups of 10 or more to receive a $1 discount per ticket. Available in advance or at the door.

Bounce Back with BCO

Saturday, March 3
7:30 pm

Music of the Countryside

Saturday, May 12
7:30 pm

Meet Our ConductorErnesto Estigarribia

What were your first encounters with orchestral music, whether recorded or in live performances? How did these impressions affect your own development in music?

My parents always had music playing in the living room. The music of Mozart always caught my attention, but it wasn’t until I saw an orchestra live for the first time that I became enamored by the orchestra. Since then it has been an incredible journey of exploration.

As a young person learning music, what drew you to the viola?

I had always wanted to be in an orchestra as a youngster. I was advised to take the viola because there were not very many violists in Paraguay and because I was taller and had longer arms than most of my peers. I fell in love immediately with the instrument.

Are there viola solos or duets you would be eager to play with BCO?

There are several pieces that I would love to program to play and conduct with the BCO. I always wanted to conduct and play at the same time and I think we will do something like that soon.

At the University of Minnesota, what types of ensembles and orchestras are you planning to lead?

I conduct different types of ensembles. I lead orchestras that are composed in the vast majority by non-music majors, have conducted the University Symphony, which is formed by graduates and undergraduate music students, and conduct the Opera.

Beyond the 2016–17 season, are there specific orchestral compositions you would like to conduct with BCO?

I would love to play more Latin American pieces. I also would love to program full multi-movement works for orchestra, like a symphony or suite, because it is only by doing a piece in its entirety that both the audience and the musicians get the sense of the full journey. Though the appetizer may be delicious and filling in and of itself, it is only after dessert and the middle courses, that one has perceived so many different flavors, textures, aromas, temperatures. It is the same with music: every movement provides something unique that makes up the whole. There are so many pieces that we are able to perform at the BCO.

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