BCO Opens Music Director/Conductor Search

Job Title: Music Director, Buffalo Community Orchestra, Buffalo, MN
This position description describes the duties and responsibilities of the Conductor and Music Director (Music Director) of the Buffalo Community Orchestra (BCO), a community orchestra, for the season specified in the employment agreement between Buffalo Community Orchestra and the Music Director. A concert season is usually between September 1 and June 15 consisting of four Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon concerts (October, December, March & May) and one Sunday evening in June. A concert set typically consists of one concert on a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, preceded by a dress rehearsal, with a set typically consisting of 8-10 contract services. The specific concert and rehearsal schedule will be developed by the Music Director in conjunction with the BCO Board. Rehearsals are held on Sunday evenings (4:30-7:00 PM) weekly, at Buffalo High School. Early and complete repertoire scheduling is essential. There may be an occasional rehearsal scheduling conflict, necessitating a mutually agreed upon alternate rehearsal time.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Music Director is responsible for planning and conducting all rehearsals and performances of the BCO.  The Music Director is also responsible for outreach and enrichment activities which can include pre-concert Conductor Chats and radio interviews, and collaborations with other area arts organizations. The Music Director will strengthen the community enrichment culture of the BCO by working with the BCO Board, Membership, and Staff; direct service volunteers and other volunteer committees on special projects designed to assist the BCO. The Music Director is responsible for developing the program for each concert set in coordination with the programming committee. Programming will be consistent with the skills and interests of the BCO membership. It will take into account the musical interests of the community at large, and work to stimulate interest in a variety of orchestral and chamber music styles in our community. Programming and scheduling for the upcoming concert season will normally be accomplished the previous spring & summer. The Music Director will help develop, advocate for, and participate in activities that promote the BCO.

Starting salary is approximately $9,000/season but is based on the number of rehearsals and performances.

Please send letter of interest and resume by May 10th to:
Kari Hartman
BCO General Manager